Tuesday, 16 September 2014

7 Right Ways for Saving Electricity Bills

Saving energy is a crucial topic of the ongoing time. There is no lack of resources – agree but why to create such a condition where there will be a mess in future and there will be almost no resources. Even if we know that there will be no shortage of resources ever but bad time is always like an uninvited guest. You cannot ask them to go and you cannot even tolerate them. So better be prepared for the future so that there is no dreadful situation ever.

Everybody has the same question on mind that being a common man what I can do to save energy for the future generation but the fact is only you can make it possible. If everybody starts thinking the same way then nobody will do such a cause. Do not just think about yourself instead think of the world. Here in this article we are discussing some very basic things with which you can save your electricity bills as well as a lot of energy for the world.
  • When you are using the Air Conditioner make sure that appliance like televisions and other sources of heat should be kept away from the air conditioner otherwise it will take longer to chill the room as compared to the time it should take.
  • When you select a central Air Conditioner for your home make sure that you are buying a one which is appropriate in size. It should not be over sized nor has it to be undersized. In both the case energy consumption will be more and there will be more electricity bills.
  • Make use of ceiling fan with your Air con in order to spread the chilled air throughout the room.
  • Keep lights switched off or low when not required because it creates unnecessary heat in the room.
  • When you are using Refrigerator, you should vacuum the coils on your refrigerator after every three months. Dust and dirt particles on the refrigerator will make your fridge work harder and it will consume more energy.
  • Same is the case with refrigerator when you buy a refrigerator it should be of the right size. Check for the needs and requirements of your household and then go for purchasing a refrigerator.
  • Always keep your fridge away from direct heat. This causes your refrigerator to over work and this will increase your energy consumption.
Saving energy and saving your electricity bills is in your own hands. It is completely up to you how you are going to do it. A little effort from your side can change a lot. So be a part of the revolution and save the world.

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Know your Air Conditioner

Almost every home has an Air conditioner. It is very difficult to sit under a normal temperature during summers. There was a time when Air conditioners were counted as the luxury items but now these ACs have become a necessity. In this article I would like to tell you the ten most important points that one should know about their Air Conditioners. Let us begin with

What is the meaning of the term Air Conditioning?
Air Conditioning is subscribed to:

  • Maintaining the suitable humidity in all parts of your building
  • Freeing the air from excess of humidity
  • Supplying a constant supply of ventilation
  • Efficiently removing dust and other foreign bodies from the air
  • Cooling the room efficiently during summer seasons
  • Also helps in heating the rooms during winter

Working of an Air Conditioner
The major function of your home air con is eliminating the heat from your home. ACs gives a string of cool breeze into your home by extracting the heat from the air. The air inside the room is cooled when it blows over a set of cold pipes and the coils are termed as evaporator coils. This works simply the way cooling that happens when the water gets evaporated from your skin. The evaporating coil of your AC is filled with the special liquid which is called as refrigerant. When it absorbs heat from the air it changes from liquid to gas. The refrigerant in the Air Con is pumped outside the house to another coil where it gives up the heat and converts back into the liquid.

The coil that is present outside the unit is called as condenser because the refrigerant gets condensed from a gas back to the fluid like the moisture on a cold window. A pump called compressor is used for making the refrigerant move between the two coils. It is also used o change the pressure of the refrigerant so that the entire refrigerant gets evaporated or condensed in their respective coils.
The energy that is required to do all this is used by the motor which is used to run the compressor. The complete system will normally give the cooling energy which is three times of the compressor that uses. This happens because of the changing of the refrigerant from a liquid into the gas and back again will let the system move more energy than the compressor uses.

What Happens When Your Air Conditioner unit goes wrong?
Unlike the other luxury appliances, air conditioners are complex mechanical systems that depend on a large number of factors to perform correctly. They are defined to meet a certain amount of load on the houses. They are designed specially to have a proper amount of refrigerant which is known as “charge”. They are designed specially to have a certain amount of air flow to flow crosswise the coils. When these things get changes the system creates problems.

If there is more heat inside the room because of any reason like if the number of persons sitting inside the room is high or if the room is bigger than the capacity of the air conditioner then Air con won’t be able to manage.


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The Role of Filters in an Air Conditioner
Every Air conditioning device consists of a filter upstream the evaporator coil. This could be a return grille or a fuzzy looking or folded paper filter. This filter will remove the dust particles from the air stream to keep your air conditioning system clean and also will remove particles from the air.

As the filter performs its job, the filter will grab more and more dust particles. This makes it more efficient but reduces the air flow. When the airflow reduces, this means that it is the time to change the filter. If you do not change the filter, the flow of the air will reduce and your Air conditioner will not perform the way it is supposed to be. If the dirt on your filters keeps on increasing, it will turn into a source of air pollution.

It is better to replace your filter on time and keep your Air conditioner well maintained always. Whenever you buy a new filter I would recommend you to buy one whose efficiency rating is minimum.

Maintaining your System
A consumer can perform the routine maintenance himself like changing filters, cleaning the filters etc but the rest of the services should be performed only by the professionals. It is always a good idea to brush out the dust particles from the coils and the drains at the start of the winters, depending upon your skills, this might ask for a professional help. If your system is not providing the required cold air as normally it does, it could be an indication for the problems related to refrigerant charge or the airflow. These problems require proper servicing.


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How you can increase the energy efficiency?
  • If you think the ducts are causing leakage then you can increase the efficiency just by sealing them. Replace your dirty filters, keep the coils clean, and keep the appropriate charge and airflow.
  • Check if the outdoor condenser unit is not so hidden from the site that the air flow has been blocked. Check if there is no matter present inside the condenser that is causing it to clog.
  • If you are planning to replace your Air conditioner, buy one with high efficiency. 13 is the minimum efficiency that you should consider.
This is all you should know about your Air Conditioner. No doubt that these devices add comfort to your life but you have to be very careful before you purchase. If you show a little of carelessness, your comfort giving appliances might change into trouble some appliances.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

What Is The Optimum Temperature To Keep My Refrigerator Set?

The sole purpose of refrigerator is to keep the things inside it cold and fresh. But if you keep the temperature of your fridge very low you will find your vegetables stiff like a frozen sticks and if you keep it a little high your vegetables start getting rotten. The pain of having set the wrong temperature is actually bad and will show adverse effects of getting your food spoilt.

Do you have any idea about what should be the temperature of your fridge in order to keep your vegetables fresh for at least some time?

The most important goal of your refrigerator is the slow growth of bacteria without making your food to freeze. Freezing does not generally do good things with the taste and the texture of the food inside your refrigerator, but you want to keep the things cold without actually freezing them. The optimum temperature for a refrigerator to keep things perfect and without any problem is 35 to 38 degree Fahrenheit.

The growth of bacteria starts increasing rapidly at around 40 degree and the things inside the fridge starts freezing at 32, so it is advised to stick at 35 to 38 degree.

How will I find if my refrigerator is at the right temperature?

New refrigerators might give you digital displays that will show you current temperature only. So it is better to check there first and then adjust it accordingly.  Older refrigerators or the basic designs might not be having thermometers that indicates the temperatures but instead of that just dial with having number settings on it. Check out the manual to find out what those numbers mean in your fridge, a higher number always means that the refrigerator will always run colder. But these things won’t be able to tell you the actual temperature inside your refrigerator so the best thing is to invest into the refrigerator thermometer.

Here are some tips on how you can keep your fridge at right temperature and saving it from any refrigerator repair:

  1. Do not open the door more frequently. When you want to make a recipe, take out all the things in a single go and do not open the door again and again. If you want to put something back into the fridge, collect the things at one point and put them into the fridge in a single go.
  2. Check for the door seal because sometimes you shut the door very slowly that it does not get shut down properly hence making the temperature ineffective.
  3. Always keep a full fridge. This means that your refrigerator do not have temperature swings that move back and forth every time the doors get opened. If you do not have enough material to keep your fridge full then fill the empty shelves with water bottles. This will keep your fridge full and you will get cold water whenever required.

Do not ever put hot things into your fridge. This can make your refrigerator work harder than required and leading to the situation of refrigerator repairs. Hot temperatures heat up the internal temperature of the fridge, inturn making it as a bad temperature for other items inside.

So it is better to invest some amount of money in refrigerator thermometer and get off from any kind of temperature issues with your refrigerator.

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Before Giving a Call to the Service Center, Check Yourself Your Air Conditioner

Imagine what you would do if it is the hottest day of the season and your Air con stops working. This would be a real threatening situation and people won’t even like to imagine such a situation at this peak time of summers. Almost everybody will run to the service center for getting their AC serviced as soon as possible. It would be the worst of the worst situation if your Air conditioner has stopped working during summers and the temperature outside is falling at 40 degrees.

Well before you get panic and rush to some Air Con service center check your AC yourself and try to figure out the solution. Even then if you are unable to find any solution then call the reliable AC Service providers you trust. First see how you can check your AC on your own.

Troubleshooting would help. See what we mean by Troubleshooting.

Access the problem like what actually the issues are with your Air Con? Is it not cooling the air or is it not working at all?
  1. Check if the outdoor unit is giving the problem or the indoor unit is creating the problems? Make sure that your appliance is plugged in properly. This is obvious but sometimes accidentally the plug falls off and your AC stops working.
  2. Check for the fuses and the circuit breakers. Make sure that they are connected properly and all the circuits are in place.
  3. Check for the thermostat and make sure that it is set for cooling at the current temperature and it is working properly.
  4. See the fan blower if it is having excessive slack, damage or breakage. If there is some blockage in the fan and less air floe occurs.
  5. Check the coils and the filters in your appliance for dust particles. If it is clogged with dirt and dust particles, clean it yourself and allow the proper airflow.
Keeping your Air conditioner well maintained and serviced will help you in maintaining its efficiency. It reduces the energy usage and prevents any type of wear and tear on your device.

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Monday, 3 February 2014

Installing an Air Conditioner? Here Is the Checklist


Installation of every Air conditioner is not easy and the job is not the same for every single unit. It would be a great idea to get to know about the installation process before you proceed. It would be better if you see the procedure at the store only while the manager is present in the company. Some companies do need to pay for the repair services for installing the Air conditioner.

This post will give you twelve important points to look for before you get your Air conditioner installed at your place. It will give you a sense of the quality about the installation process. You can ask your installer about the services during the installation of the unit and can help him to do the job in a much better way.
  1. Maintain the level of other outdoor units. This is critical as this will allow the proper distribution of the lubricating oil, compressor of your unit.
  2. The outdoor units should be provided with proper padding inside it made up of hardened plastics. This is basically to offer a solid base to your device.
  3. It is advised to keep the outdoor unit at least 1 foot away from your house. This helps in giving proper air circulation through the condensing unit of the device. If you do not do this, the unit will operate on higher operating pressures and this will ask for more electricity.
  4. A refrigerant drier or filter should be provided in the system. This will work as a metal can for the surroundings of the smaller refrigerant line in the system.
  5. For an important safety measure during repairs and emergency situation there should be an electrical disconnect within the 3 feet of the outdoor unit. All this is mainly required by most commercial buildings and residential codes.
  6. No left around scraps should be kept lying around. One who does not care about the smaller things will likely to have to perform a sub standard AC installation. 
  7. The copper linings running form the outdoor unit to the indoor side should be properly insulated. Make sure that there should be no problems and cracks in the foam insulation. This is not only crucial for maintaining the efficiency of the device but will also give proper compressor operation.
  8. Every copper wire should be supported after every 4 feet. Make sure that there should be no wilting places in the lines.
  9. Keep copper lines short. Make them short as much as you can.
  10. Copper wires that are used are kept of same size when used in the unit. If not, ask the mechanic for a valid reason.
  11. The main and the emergency connections on the indoor coil should have a connection with the suitable drain.
  12. Check the system and check for a complete cooling cycle and make sure that your device is working properly. This is the good time to check the temperature drop across the evaporator coil.
If the Air Conditioner installation has passed the above mentioned twelve points then your system will work efficiently.

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Cleaning the AC Unit At Home Was a Good Experience

self aircon cleaningWhenever you think about an AC the fresh and the cool breeze blow into your mind. People feel really happy when they buy an Air conditioner but they forget about the expenses and also about the servicing. When it comes to servicing, you have to be very careful with these delicate appliances. It is not very difficult to deal with these units but somehow you need to be careful. If you think that you are good enough with managing these appliances you can do it yourself at your home. But if you think that servicing or cleaning of these equipments is not your cup of tea then forget about even opening the AC yourself. Hire some recognized AC Repair Services providers in your area and ask them to perform the servicing of your Air Conditioner.

Well, this time I decided to service my AC myself. I never did it before but my friend said that it is not that difficult. So I thought of giving it a try. Honestly, it was not that difficult but it was not that easy as I expected. I would like to share my experience and would like to give you some tips if you too are planning to service your AC unit yourself.

Because I was doing it for the first time I was completely zero about what all I have to do. It was a weekend so I called my friend, who suggested me to do it yourself, and we did it together. It was a good experience though but I was so tired that I was unable to go anywhere. Let us discuss what all we did for servicing my AC at home only. I have a window AC and I would say that it is comparatively very easy to service a window that a split one.

These window units can cool a single room depending upon the size of the room. It could really be a problem if it fails to work properly. Sometimes the problem is very simple and you can solve the problem just by adding a small amount of motor oil to it. But mainly the problems with the window air conditioners are the result of the accumulation of the dirt particles in the filter or the unit itself. 

Window units are very sensitive to the dirt and the blockages and if there is no regular cleaning and maintenance it will cause various problems and because of this people can face many severe problems with these air conditioners. Always make sure that you have switched off the unit when you are working on it. Check for any obvious blockages.

One more thing which is of major concern is the filters. These are located directly behind the unit of front grille. Some units have detachable front grille so they are easy to remove but some units have grilles that are attached with screws and can be removed before the filters can be accessed. Even if you find no major blockage in the filters it is always good to keep the filters clean. Filters are an important part of an Air conditioner and make sure that they are thoroughly dried before you reinstall it.

This is the only way, take out every single and smaller unit and clean it and reinstall it. Be careful and be calm while working. This will help you in servicing your air conditioner unit in a very stable way.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Servicing Your Air Conditioner - A Necessary Job To Start A Wonderful Summers!

AC Servicing

Who does not like sitting under the cool breeze of air conditioner when the sun is burning outside. During summers it becomes very critical to sit in a room with AC on. Air conditioner is not a onetime investment. You have to service your appliance every six months after its purchase. Servicing is important because these appliances cannot work for long without being serviced once. It is completely your wish how you want to get your appliances serviced? Either you can hire some reliable Air conditioner service providers or you can do it yourself. Things are not very difficult. You can manage it very easily.

If you do not maintain your Air conditioner regularly, your appliance loses about 5% of its total efficiency for every year of operation. You can only make your device efficient by servicing it regularly. Studies have proved that by giving regular tune-ups you maintain 95% of the total efficiency of your appliance. This shows that the cost of the annual servicing will be recovered very easily and will also reduce your monthly bill. Also a properly serviced air conditioner will dehumidify your home perfectly.

If you visit a local air conditioning firm they will offer you some special offers at this time. Some will also offer you annual service programs and will make you remind of the servicing of your appliances at the beginning of the cooling and heating seasons.

The servicing should involve cleaning and condensing of the unit coils, oiling of the fan motors, checking for the belts and checking for the operating temperatures and pressures against the specifications given by the manufacturer. The most important item to check with the air conditioner is coolant level in the air conditioner. All the well established service centres recommends that the coolant systems should be checked every year.

All equipments be it an AC, heater, refrigerator or any other thing, all require regular maintenance for proper functioning. Their proper functioning can only save you from large sized bills. It is better you get them serviced after regular intervals instead of paying a huge amount for their servicing after a long time period.
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